Speech Contest Education Fair 2015



Just for student of FKIP UNS

LSP UNS proudly present :


Theme : Role of Youth Power


  1. Empowering youth role in creating equality education in Indonesia
  2. Empowering youth role in using social media to improve Indonesian education quality
  3. Empowering youth role in improving economic quality in their area
  4. Empowering youth role in promoting local wisdom


Improtant Dates:

  • Registration date : July 1st 2015 to September 15th 2015
  • Technical meeting : September 16th 2015
  • D-Day : September 19th 2015


Registration Fee:

IDR 15.000


  • IDR 600.000
  • Trophy
  • Certificate

Participant Requirement :

  1.  Student of FKIP UNS (maximum on 7th semester)
  2. Register yourself by texting to Siti (085725403482)

Format: Nama_Mayor_Student Registration Number


Nuronia Cahyaningtyas_Biology Education_K2213099

      3.  Fill registration form (you can get it from LSP Office on 1st floor of UKM FKIP UNS building or downloading in here

4.  Choose one of the sub-themes for your speech (maximum length of the speech is 7 minutes)

Contact Person :

Siti (085725403482)


Download disini

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